If you’re here, I would imagine you’ve visited other natural-living type blogs in the recent past. Well, I want to bring you something you’ve never seen before – a happy, practical, and evidence-based approach to healthy living!! No more “never eat this” or “never do this” or “this will kill you if you eat it or do it”. No more feeling sad or guilty because you can’t afford “living as healthy as she does”. I want to give you practical, family-friendly ways to keep your family going strong and enjoying the beautiful world around you!!

aboutusI live in western Michigan with my amazing family of 6. My interest in health and natural medicine began around 2010-2011 when my family began to pursue a healthier way of eating and started investigating herbal/natural remedies. My interest hasn’t stopped growing since then, and it never will!! Few things excite me more than finding out something new about a better way of living – the way God created for us to live. He has made all plants, seeds, and oils for our health and enjoyment!! I firmly believe that the preventative methods that He has given us in nature are the first and best way to prevent and treat disease, as well as just keep healthy!!

Much love to you and yours!! Stay Crunchy!!