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Goodbye Earwax!

November 6, 2015

Do you have ear wax issues?

Don’t worry! I know this is a yucky subject, but there will be no gross pictures or graphic descriptions (if I can help it). We’re going to be getting personal, though, so buckle up!

For me, my issue with excess earwax began about 3 years ago after I got pool water trapped in my left ear. That was resolved, but my ear just hasn’t been the same since. About once every 6+ months, my ear will get plugged to point of my having to hold it open in order to hear what someone is saying, and just recently I was at this point yet again.

Now, I have tried pretty much everything. Peroxide, over the counter ear drops, all the home remedies I could find online. I even went and had it clinically removed the last time. But nothing I have been able to try at home has worked. At all.

But, I had recently made an herbal oil for ear infections/aches, and I thought, “Why not use a few drops of that? The oil will help soften the wax, and the herbs will help kill any bacteria that may be making this worse.” So I heated a small amount til it was close to body temperature, and dropped a few drops in before bed. Next day, by using a bulb syringe and warm water, I was able to remove the marble sized amount that was obstructing my hearing, and I could finally hear again! It worked like a charm!

Everyone is different, but seriously – I couldn’t believe how well this worked!! And it is gentle, safe and actually healing to your ear. It’s a win-win in my book!

Here are the instructions for making the herbal oil, and then more detail of how to use it:


Preheat the oven to 200, and turn it off once heated. Place all the herbs in an ovenproof dish, and add enough oil to just cover them. Place in the heated oven, and leave in the over for 3-4 hours. Take it out, and let it sit on the counter for another 2-3 hours. Then, taking a piece of cheesecloth, strain the herbs off, making sure to squeeze the cloth to get every bit of oil out. Label and store in the fridge.

For those of you who don’t feel comfortable making something like this, this herbal oil from Mountain Rose Herbs is a great substitute. Just follow the same instructions as far as heating and using goes.

When you’re ready to use the oil on your ear(s), warm it up just enough to feel comfortable on your inner wrist. Using a dropper, drop 5-10 drops of oil in the affected ear while laying on your opposite side. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes. I would recommend doing this before bed so that you can now go to bed and lay with the affected ear facing down to drain out and employ the help of gravity. Next day, take a clean bulb syringe and fill it with warm water (skin temp – test on your inner wrist). Gently squirt into the affected ear, pointed slightly upward. Keep refilling the syringe until the wax is out. Now enjoy the relief!! 🙂

Hopefully, this will be just as helpful for you as it is for me. Please feel free to ask questions and tell me how it works for you in the comments!

Stay Crunchy,